Sita Thompson

Here You Will Find Various Testimonials & Recommendations For Sita Thompson & SITA Couture

Sita Gives Back

SITA Couture Donates a portion of proceeds to Women Against Child Trafficking(WACT)

Sita Is Eco Friendly

One Of Her Favorite Fabrics To Work With Is Jute. It Is One Of The Most Sustainable Fabrics in The World Next To Hemp.

Sita Couture Is Trendy

Many of SITA Couture's Fashion Line's You Can Wear From The Boardroom To The Dance Floor In Style.

Discover What Others Are Saying About Sita Thompson

  • “Some brands don’t need advertising because the products are strong enough to sell themselves. SITA Couture is one of those brands. Sita knows  what women want.”

    WILL HARTMAN (Advertising Executive, Olgivy Mather)
  • “I’ve been in the fashion and textile industry for over forty years with much time devoted to eco products and solutions. SITA Couture is a fashion Brand committed to a new way of creating value from sustainable raw materials. Sita’s love and passion for the brand DNA drives the culture of her  company.”

    TIMOTHY EYNON (Vice Chairman, Beta Group Advisors, London & Mumbai)
  • “Sita is an amazing talent. Her message is timely and true, as well as on trend.  We get her, and want to be a part!”

    STEVE BARAZA (L.A. Gear Founder)
  • “I have worked in the fashion industry as an editor for over 12 years and my expertise is to pinpoint what designers will be on trend, become most coveted, and grow as a brand. I feel this is what SITA Couture is now, and will continue to be. I see incredible potential in the marketplace for her eco-friendly, fun, and sensual designs. Women everywhere will want to have SITA Couture in their wardrobe as much as I do.”

    STACEY JONES (Chief Editor, Chicago Fashion Magazine)
  • “As a woman it has been a delight to wear SITA Couture clothing. I feel alive and beautiful in fabrics that not only feel awesome, but I know that they are environmentally responsible. As a business person, I am excited about the company because of the product, the passion, and the creativity or the creator, Sita Thompson.  This is a brand I can really get behind.”

  • “Being on camera 24/7 is not an easy job. I need to look gorgeous even if I feel like a train just hit me. I need my clothes to make a statement, but not too loud.  And I need the style I wear to reflect who I am as a person. This is a lot to ask from a brand. SITA Couture is my answer.  Thank you Sita!”

    TRACEY BROUGHTON (Miss America)
  • “So I walked into a press conference wearing the little khaki bloomer shorts with the olive jute vest with the hoodie underneath. Not one of the first  questions were about the film or my character, but rather how cute my outfit was.”

    SANDRA DEE ROBINSON (Soap Opera Actress)
  • “SITA Couture has the sexy, but sophisticated look and fit that women love. Me, my mom and my adopted little sister all wear SITA religiously. It’s the only brand I wear where I get a really nice compliment every time. Yes, every single time I wear SITA I get love from somebody about what I’m wearing. That makes me feel good.”

    DAYA HAMWI (Celebrity Lawyer)
  • “Being a model all my life, wearing skimpy bikinis on billboards on Sunset Blvd. or doing catwalks for YSL in Milan – believe me, I know a thing or two about fit and the purpose of fashion for a woman. In our late teens until the end of our twenties, we think we need to show off our tits and ass. We don’t know any better. When we realize that gets us nowhere, we look for style, a fit, a brand that has the voice that says what we feel. For me, this is SITA Couture.”

    Mary Lisa (Fashion model)
  • “ I don’t ever leave the country or on tour without at least half my suitcase filled with SITA Couture. She just gets it, and gets me! Her fits and her timeless style can fit into huge spectrums across the board and across the world. SITA Couture speaks for me in many scenarios where I need my style to do the talking because I’m with dignitaries in other parts of the world where we don’t share the same language. Or I’m on stage and my garb needs to be sexy but not dominating, classy but not conservative. SITA Couture does this without flaw.”

    RICKIE BYERS BECKWITH (Global musical phenomenon)
  • “My number 1 fashion to wear during The Women of Global Change Summit 2014 was SITA Couture from the boardroom to the dance floor! Thank you Sita Thompson!”

    SHELLIE HUNT (Liason to Richard Branson and President Obama)
  • “I just got this Chi Chi Maxi dress from SITA Couture. I look at myself in the mirror and I look stunning and gorgeous but once I get out of the mirror I feel like I’m wearing something to wear for yoga. Point being is that she’s really nailed it w/ mixing uber comfort w/ incredible elegance and beauty”

    Bohemian Heart (celebrity yoga blogger)
  • “I just love this gal!  I tell you everytime I wear ANYTHING from her collection I just get sooooo many compliments. It’s like I have to be prepared for people to love me or I just can’t wear her.. This is never, but just sayin’ :p “

    Lisa Lisa D1 (Celebrity blogger)
  • “Sita has really grown as a persona and a designer… It’s so cool to watch the evolution and be a part of the process. I’ll be shooting her next collection. Fingers crossed we get it in French MAXIM. I know the French women will love her!”

    Todd Vitti ( LA fashion photographer)
  • “This is my first season walking for sita and all I can say is that I can’t wait to own everything from her collection. It’s just the perfect line for me because I’m on camera so much and travel so much. I need pieces that frame all of me at all times so that I don’t have to fuss about my external appearance. SITA Couture has got me covered!”

    Lacy Rogers (America’s Next Top Model)
  • “I love every single thing SITA Couture. I love the line, I  love the designer and love her heart… I love the whole collections!!! I love the whole her. I love Sita and SITA Couture so much that she HAD to name two styles after me. Go check’em out now!..the Kiara Maxi and the Kiara mini. I know I only have one name but I love the line so much that I’m sure she’s going to have to name something else after me!!”

    Kiara Belen (America’s Next Top Model)